2 rescued after sinkhole near Ocala caused by water main break swallows minivan

NEAR OCALA, Fla. (WSVN) — A water main break caused the ground to open up in an Ocala-area neighborhood, causing a minivan to fall in and leaving two people trapped inside until good Samaritans came to the rescue.

Witnesses said the sinkhole that formed on Thursday quickly turned into an emergency for those inside the minivan.

“I went inside again to get her to show my wife, and by that time, the water was up, halfway through the motor, the hood,” said area resident Dave Harris.

The concerned neighbor said his wife had just driven through the area before the sinkhole formed.

“I came back outside and the van was coming in, ‘clunk.’ I could hear it scraping,” he said.

Harris said he saw a good Samaritan immediately rush over to help those trapped inside.

“A man there, which I assume came up out of the street, he was helping the lady out first, and she handed me a couple of packages,” he said.

The water main rupture that caused the sinkhole has since been repaired.

Harris said he’s just glad people nearby were able to jump into action and get everyone out of the van safely.

The couple who was trapped inside the minivan did not suffer any injuries.

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