(WSVN) - Two men in Florida have been arrested after a chaotic confrontation with two teenage boys over speeding.

Video footage showed two men filming a damaged vehicle, walking up to the person filming and yelling at the camera.

“Burning out racing through my [expletive] neighborhood!” yelled the man.

Another man said, “I’m not in your face; get out of my neighborhood!”

Jermaine Jones told deputies he was visiting a friend in a gated community when the two men became violent, attacking him and his passenger while driving.

“I was driving a little bit, like, I wasn’t supposed to be driving like that,” said Jones. “A guy started, a guy ran in front of the road, hit my car with a cone, threw a rock through my front windshield, and I knew something happened.”

The teens told deputies they were afraid for their lives.

Deputies arrested 61-year-old Howard Hughes, charging him with criminal mischief and property damage.

His neighbor, 52-year-old Donald Corsi, also faces the same charges in addition to throwing a weapon into a vehicle.

The arrest report redacts the suspects’ statements to deputies, but in the 911 call, the men could be heard accusing the boys of speeding.

“No respect,” one of the men’s voices could be heard. “This is a neighborhood where little kids play, and you come running down here like you think you’re a race car driver.”

Security footage showed the teens in a white Mercedes speeding through the neighborhood 15 minutes before deputies responded.

The teens said they knew the reaction the men were trying to get out of them but chose to stay calm and record what happened.

As for Corsi and Hughes, no comments or responses have been reported since their arrest.

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