Florida state senator introduces bill to end bundled constitutional amendments on ballot

TALLAHASSEE, FLA. (WSVN) - Less than a month after Florida voters faced multiple “bundled” constitutional amendment questions on the midterm election ballot, one state senator wants to put an end to what he calls an “unfair” practice.

Republican Senator Rob Bradley, who represents Fleming Island in north Florida, filed the bill Tuesday to put an end to bundling, where two or more unrelated issues were covered in the same proposed amendment.

“The bundling of several issues in one constitutional amendment is a terrible way to amend our Constitution,” Bradley wrote on Twitter. “It’s unfair to voters who may approve of one issue in the amendment and disapprove of another.”

One example of bundling on this year’s ballot was Amendment 9, which called for a ban on offshore drilling, as well as a ban on vaping in indoor workplaces. While the amendment was easily passed by Florida voters, many noted the two issues had nothing to do with one another.

The bill, Senate Joint Resolution 74, is titled “Single-subject Limitation for Constitution Revision Commission Proposals.”

Bradley’s bill would require that any proposals to the State Constitution must “be limited to a single subject and matter directly connected to such subject.”

To read the full text of the bill, click here.

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