Florida mom turns in son for car break-ins

FORT MYERS, Fla. (WSVN) — A Fort Myers teen is in trouble with the law after his mother found out he broke into several vehicles.

Lakesha Robinson noticed her son, 15-year-old Chris Salters, was using a phone that wasn’t his, WBBH reported.

She took the phone away from him and started looking through it for its rightful owner.

When Robinson met up with the owner, he told her his wallet was also stolen along with the phone when someone broke into his car. He showed her unauthorized credit card charges at Walmart, McDonald’s, and Wawa.

Robinson said her son denied taking the wallet, but when she found a McDonald’s bag and receipts that matched the unauthorized purchase amounts, she called police.

Deputies arrived at her home and showed her one of the store’s surveillance photos, where she identified her son and two of his friends.

Salters was arrested and charged with for his role in four car burglaries, where he and other teens went through unlocked cars to steal items from inside.

Robinson said she wanted her son to learn he has to be responsible for his actions. She wants to ask a judge to place Salters under house arrest so he cannot leave the house again.

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