Florida mom arrested for leaving child in car while shoplifting

VERO BEACH, Fla. (AP/WSVN) — A Florida woman was arrested after police say she left her child in a car while she shoplifted items from a Publix supermarket.

The Miami Herald reports that 30-year-old Sarah Wilmoth was arrested Jan. 13 after police were alerted that a small child was left alone in an SUV at a Publix parking lot in Vero Beach.

A couple noticed the baby when they pulled up to the store. Forty-five minutes later, they returned to their vehicle and saw the baby was still in his car seat, crying hysterically.

According to the arrest report, upon their arrival, sheriff’s deputies broke into the car to help the crying child and called emergency medical personnel in to administer first aid.

Wilmoth was located after Publix employees paged her to the customer service counter.

According to the Miami Herald, Wilmoth told police she had left her son with her cousin, and didn’t know where he ran off to.

While searching her, police say they found a clear rocky substance and a crack pipe. Wilmoth admitted that it was methamphetamine laced with cocaine.

In her bra, police also found facial cream, clear nail polish, Opi Pinking of You pink nail polish, and Poo Pourri Before-You-Go spray.

Wilmoth was arrested for child endangerment, shoplifting and meth possession. However, she has posted bond since.

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