Fishermen catch 350-pound swordfish

HOLLYWOOD, FLA. (WSVN) - A group of fisherman reeled in a massive swordfish, Thursday night, weighing over 300 pounds.

The fishermen weren’t even supposed to be out on the water at the time. They had planned a night trip on the charter fishing boat, but took an afternoon opening at the last second.

On their first cast out, they hooked the big fish.

“We thought we lost it,” Casey Miller said. “He got to probably 100 feet or so and they start ripping line again, took it back to 600, and then he took it all the way up.”

The anglers slowly but surely reeled it in and brought it into the boat.

“These are very dangerous fish, the bills are extremely sharp,” captain Joe Castelli said. “The second he came up the side of the boat, all he was doing was whacking the boat.”

“It’s not something that happens every single day,” said David Ide, the charter boat’s captain. “It’s something that happens very rarely, so it’s kind of once in a lifetime.”

They planned to stay at sea for a few more hours, but immediately came back after catching the fish.

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