Fisherman finds brick of cocaine off Miami Beach

A South Florida fisherman found a brick of cocaine floating just three miles off the coast of Miami Beach.

Authorities are looking into where the cocaine is from after the fisherman, who calls himself “Mark the Shark,” found the cocaine while taking a trip on the water.

The charter captain docked at Sea Isle Marina around 3 p.m., Wednesday, and spoke with 7News about his discovery. Mark said that in his 40 years chartering boats, he’s seen all types of things on the water, but never a brick of cocaine.

The captain took out a group of students on his boat, Wednesday, along the same route that, he said, he has taken every day for 40 years.

“We doubled around back on it, and it looked like a suspicious little bundle,” he said. “We picked it up and lo and behold, it was one of those square groupers. This is the first time we found some cocaine. Back in the day, a lot of square groupers, marijuana stuff, but never cocaine.”

They said they were not sure what was floating until they brought it on board. Some of his passengers captured the catch on video.

Mark joked that his initial reaction to finding the cocaine, worth thousands of dollars, was, “I got a new boat!”

Chase Newton, a student from Boston, said he’d be telling his friends back home about this fishing trip.

“I don’t know if that can happen again,” Newton said, “definitely a Miami-only story that I’ll be sure to tell all my friends from home.”

They immediately called the Coast Guard, who met them where they were found the brick. The brick of cocaine is now with authorities who are investigating this case.

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