DEERFIELD BEACH, FLA. (WSVN) - Firefighters worked to put out a house fire in Deerfield Beach.

The family is grateful the fire was contained and did not destroy everything.

“My mom was screaming,” said Lucas Fernandez. “She heard banging noises. She woke up. She went, she saw the fire and she just screamed, and then I woke up. Then she screamed, ‘fire!’ and I just ran out the house.”

A candle left burning is what caused the back of the Deerfield home to go up in flames.

“I think it was a citronella candle, and then I fall asleep and forget to, I don’t know, to put it out,” said Anibal Fernandez who lives in the home. “It looks like it broke and caught on fire. I hear the glass broken and then when they came here, it was a lot of fire.”

Anibal Fernandez used a garden hose in an attempt to put out the flames before firefighters arrived.

He sustained a small injury to his forehead, as he was too close to the fire.

“He was fighting the fire and he got a little bit to close and it made like a mark,” said Lucas Fernandez. “Other than that, he’s OK.”

Along with the family being OK so is Epolito, the family parrot that was also close to the fire but luckily was not harmed.

“It happened super fast … they made sure that the fire did not get into the structure of the house,” said Anibal Fernandez.

Firefighters responded to the home and were able to put out the blaze.

Anibal Fernandez is an artist and he hopes some of his work in the garage isn’t too damaged by smoke, but he said none of it matters as long as his family and pet parrot are OK.

“What is important is life. That is what’s important,” said Fernandez. “The rest isn’t important. What is important is life. Life is OK, always can rebuild and go up on it.”

The family continues to do inventory to see what was damaged.

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