Black smoke fills Miami Beach bike shop

MIAMI BEACH, FLA. (WSVN) - A Miami Beach bike shop has been boarded up after smoke filled the store and set off the alarm.

Miami Beach Fire Rescue responded to the Bike and Roll shop, located on James Avenue between 17th Street and Lincoln Road, at around 5:15 a.m., Thursday.

According to officials, an alarm went off on the second floor of the shop; that’s when the alarm company contacted fire rescue.

Crews said a cordless drill that was charging was found smoldering on a workbench.

“I was at the other shop for a whole hour before I even knew this was going on,” said store manager Gabriel Bluas.

The store was closed at the time, and firefighters had no choice but to bust through the glass door to enter the building.

Bluas said they rent Segways as well as bikes. He said the Segways are operated by batteries and those batteries are left charging overnight.

The store suffered smoke and water damage.

“I would have been devastated. This is our bread and butter,” said Jasleen Neval, who works nearby.

Neighboring businesses, like the family-owned Duck Tours, were also affected by toxic smoke that traveled through the air vents.

“I wouldn’t even risk going inside right now because of my child, again, health first,” said Lynette Neval who also works nearby. “We’re probably going to have to shut down our day. Four tours sold out, so that’s gonna affect us big time.”

No nearby stores were damaged, but they’re dealing with the smell and the possibility of closing up shop if breathing in that air isn’t safe.

“We were lucky. I mean, thank God it was just what it was,” Jasleen said, “and it wasn’t more serious than what it was.”

Investigators believe that the drill sparked the smoke as well as plugged-in extension cords.

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