Fire officials warn against propane turkey fryers

DAVIE, FLA. (WSVN) - The National Fire Protection Association is warning against propane turkey fryers in the days ahead of Thanksgiving.

Although they are available and inexpensive, the NFPA is saying the fryers can be unsafe.

They recommend the use of the oil-containing fryers only by properly trained professionals with professional equipment.

One fire department in Phoenix showed the dos and don’ts of deep fried turkey.

The wrong way to deep fry a turkey can lead to a big fire. “You have your propane tank now sitting in oil, you’ve compromised the hose line, so you can have a leak of your propane, and this is what’s going to happen if you’re not gonna do it the right way,” said Phoenix Fire Captain Rob McDade.

McDade then expressed how important your location is when you’re frying. “The important thing to remember is you need to be in a safe space,” he said. “Don’t be in an overhang, don’t be on your patio, make sure you’re on a flat surface.”

Officials advise those cooking Thanksgiving dinner to make sure the turkey is not too wet and not frozen. “You want to put your turkey in a pot first without anything in it, and you fill up with water to where you reach that desire level and measure. That’s the amount of oil you want,” McDade said.

Fry the turkey at 350 degrees, but if something still goes wrong, use a fire extinguisher.

Similar oil-less units are available and the NFPA recommends the use of these alternatives instead.

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