FDLE launches preliminary investigation into Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA. (WSVN) - The Florida Department of Law Enforcement said they have launched a preliminary investigation into Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony.

The FDLE confirmed the investigation, Friday.

“A preliminary investigation involves research and gathering documents and/or information in response to an allegation or complaint,” the FDLE said. “Once obtained, the information and documents are evaluated by law enforcement investigators to determine if sufficient facts are established to believe there is a reasonable possibility that the accused individual is involved in definable criminal activity.”

The FDLE said because the case is active, they cannot provide additional details.

This comes amid controversy over allegations that Tony should have disclosed that he fatally shot another teenager when he was 14 in Philadelphia.

Tony said the shooting was in self-defense.

Tony said, “I had an individual with a gun in our home, trying to kill me and my brother. Unfortunately, I had to respond and stop him by shooting him before he was able to kill me and my brother.”

Because he was a juvenile at the time, the records of the case are sealed.

Tony said, “Every background I went through, through FDLE, or the FBI clearances I’ve had to acquire to attain this position and many others, it’s never come up.”

Tony’s January of 2020 affidavit for applicant for BSO included a line reading “I had a criminal record sealed or expunged.”

Tony’s campaign said this wasn’t a mistake because it wasn’t a crime.

Tony has also been in the news after near-naked photos of him with three other people surfaced, which he called a smear campaign directed by former Sheriff Scott Israel.

Israel said in a response earlier this week that he did not release the photos.

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