Father of Parkland shooting victim Meadow Pollack raises funds for state-of-the-art playground

CORAL SPRINGS, FLA. (WSVN) - A South Florida father who lost his daughter in the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting is planning to build a playground in memory of her.

It has been one month since the Stoneman Douglas shooting and now Andy Pollack wants to honor his daughter Meadow Pollack by bringing joy to other children.

“Everyone comes to me and says, ‘Andy, what could I do for you? What could I do?'” Pollack said.

Pollack has made it his mission to make sure Meadow is remembered in a very special way.

“I had a vision for my daughter. Instead of going to the cemetery and sitting and mourning, I would be able to go to this playground that’s going to be spectacular, like the nicest playground you could see in Broward,” Pollack said.

The playground will be open to the public on the property of Pollack’s Coral Springs synagogue.

“One of the best things we could do for our kids, if they could come to a place of fun, where they could interact, and that will make them better people,” said Chabad of Coral Springs Rabbi Avraham Friedman. “I think that’s a great way to honor Meadow.”

Pollack is planning to make the playground one of the best. “I’m not gonna settle on a mediocre playground,” he said. “It has to be something that a princess is gonna wanna come and play in.”

Pollack is in the process of raising $1 million to fund the playground.

The community has also gotten involved by making special shirts that will be sold, and the proceeds will go toward the playground fund.

“Andy said he wanted to put the money into the park, the park that we’re standing on, the future park at least,” said St. Thomas Aquinas lacrosse coach Terry Crowley. “The country has started to run with this thing.”

This father said he’s on a mission to keep other children safe.

“I feel her presence, and it’s very emotional,” Pollack said. “I can’t explain it, but it’s driving me to get this done.”

If you would like to donate to this cause and help Pollack build a playground to remember his daughter, click here.

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