Father accused of beating son at Chuck E. Cheese faces judge, posts bond

AVENTURA, FLA. (WSVN) - - A father who, witnesses said, beat his son with a closed fist at Chuck E. Cheese posted bond after facing a Miami judge.

On Tuesday morning, 40-year-old Peter Juris was read his charges of battery and child abuse and was released after posting a $5,000 bond.

A day after he was arrested, Juris’ wife, Catalina, pleaded with Judge Mindy S. Glazer to let her husband walk free. “We were trying to take good care of them because they have special needs and care,” she said. “My husband is a great father, a great husband, and without his help, I couldn’t have done what we done for them.”

According to witnesses, Juris was caught punching his 3-year-old son, who they said appeared to have a sort of disability, at the Chuck E. Cheese located along Northeast 203rd Street.

Several witnesses were inside with their families when, they said, Juris, dressed in a black shirt, crossed the line as he put his son in his car seat.

“He goes like that [makes punching motion] twice in his eye,” said witness Victor Rosa.

“You don’t hit a kid like that. You don’t clench your fist and start hitting him in the face,” said witness Victor Castillo. “You don’t hit a kid with a fist like that. It was a 3-year-old, man.”

However, Juris’ attorney said there is more to the story the witnesses did not see. She said that Juris’ two children both have special needs and require around-the-clock care and the use of a service dog, and what they saw was Juris dealing with a “behavioral outburst.”

“That is what we believe the witnesses in this case saw,” said Juris’ attorney.

As Juris was leaving Turner Guilford Knight Center, he spoke with 7News and explained what happened. “The kid got a little upset. He had a little issues, then I corrected him, and I think it was a little too much — that was it,” he said.

The judge did feel that the allegations were sufficient enough to justify a charge of child abuse.

Although he is now out on bond, Juris has also been ordered to stay away from his 3-year-old son.

The Florida Department of Children and Families is now investigating the Juris family. They have not been investigated by DCF in the past.

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