Family who lost bicyclist to drunk driver advocate against DUI

KEY BISCAYNE, FLA. (WSVN) - A family who lost a loved one out while he was out bicycling to a drunk driver is now sending a powerful message against drinking and driving.

Marybel Reyes and her daughter Jenny clearly remember the day when their lives were changed in January of 2015.

“Two years, two months, two weeks ago, to the day,” Marybel said, “Wednesday morning, at this time, I was understanding the fact that my life was just changed. All the plans, after 25 years of marriage, they’re gone.”

Walter Reyes was struck and killed while cycling in Key Biscayne by 21-year-old Alejandro Alvarez, who was driving under the influence. His family want to send a message to anyone who is thinking about getting behind the wheel while intoxicated.

“I don’t want any other family members to suffer to way we have,” Jenny said.

The family, along with Mothers Against Drunk Driving, the State Attorney’s Office and the Miami Coalition for a Safe and Drug Free Community, have partnered with the Be True to You campaign.

“This new program is designed to reach out to young people in a way they can best be reached — through social media and the internet,” said David Gilbert, a senior trial attorney.

Wednesday morning, police were out in full force in the area where Walter was killed searching for speeding and distracted drivers. It’s all part of a traffic safety initiative for the Florida Department of Transportation.

“We’re doing selective enforcement out here with trooper and police officers from eight difference agencies,” said James Wolfe, who is from FDOT, “trying to reinforce to people that aggressive driving is not the right thing to do.”

With the help of the University of Miami traffic safety team and FDOT, officials also focused on bicycle and pedestrian safety. “Bicycles, the pedestrians, motorists need to all work together to create a safe environment out here,” Wolfe said.

“There is no do-over. You don’t get another life,” Marybel said. “Your choices, once are made, that’s it.”

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