SURFSIDE, FLA. (WSVN) - The family of a woman among the missing in the condo collapse found photos of her among the debris.

Michael Noriega is like so many who are waiting to hear news of their loved ones. He is hoping to find out about his 92-year-old grandmother, Hilda Noriega.

Noriega told 7News that he and his family arrived at the Champlain Tower South condo early Thursday morning, shortly after the collapse.

“While we were waiting and praying and sobbing, we were just looking at all the debris and my father looked down …. and he actually found this,” Noriega said. “It’s a birthday card. She actually had a birthday brunch a couple of weeks ago. This is all addressed to my grandmother.”

Noriega also said his mother found two photos, one of his grandparents and his father as a child, and a second photo of his grandparents.

Noriega said he is taking it as a sign of hope.

“All this, it’s just a beautiful message in the mess of everything. It’s very comforting to see this because really, what are the chances?” he said.

Noriega is still hopeful and said that the outpouring of support has been overwhelming.

“We have faith that God is in this,” Noriega said.

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