Family of puppy shot by man with pellet rifle furious

DAVIE, FLA. (WSVN) - A man accused of fatally shooting a puppy with a pellet sniper rifle at an apartment complex in Davie has bonded out of jail.

The family who just moved to South Florida from Wisconsin is distraught for the loss of their 8-month-old puppy named Princess.

The dog’s owner, Rochelle, told 7News she was walking Princess around the complex along Southwest 30th Street and 73rd Way when she was shot right in front of her.

According to Davie Police, 19-year-old Johansen Concepcion de la Ros opened fire from the porch of a second-floor unit at the apartment complex, Saturday night.

“Why? Like, what is wrong with you that you would do something like that?” Rochelle said.

As Concepcion de la Ros walked out of jail while covering his head with clothing Sunday night, he declined to comment on the incident.

Investigators said Princess belonged to Rochelle’s 8-year-old daughter. Court documents state the girl’s mother was out walking the 8-month-old puppy when the animal was shot in the face.

Rochelle said she couldn’t believe someone would commit a crime like this.

“She is obviously a wanted dog, she was on her leash, she was less than two feet away from me,” Rochelle said, “and he got on his knee, and he used his scope, and he took the shot when he had it, and he shot her in the head.”

A friend of Concepcion de la Ros said the suspect had showed up to his house with the pellet rifle. Shortly after, the friend said, Concepcion de la Ros aimed the gun in the direction of Princess and her owner’s mother.

Court records state, “Concepcion de la Ros then looked over and said in Spanish, ‘I’m going to shoot the dog.'”

Speaking with 7News, the suspect’s father said his son is sorry.

No one answered the door when a 7News crew knocked on the home of Concepcion de la Ros’ friend. However, on the front steps, someone left feces with a Post-It note that read, “Your roommate is a piece of [expletive].”

Meanwhile, other dog owners in the community find it difficult to believe someone would do this to such a defenseless animal.

“Should I be scared of having my dog walk around and go to the bathroom?” said area resident Johnny Rine.

Although a pellet gun was used, the bullet still packed enough power to leave a trail of blood, leaving Princess to die from her wounds.

“I couldn’t imagine having anybody try to take a shot at my dog or even hit my dog, you know?” said Rine. “I would lose it.”

Meanwhile, the puppy’s family is heartbroken and said Concepcion de la Ros’ legal issues are only half of his problem.

“I also know that he’s going to live the rest of his life like having to remember that he took this little puppy from a family that loved her,” Rochelle said. “My children loved that little dog.”

Concepcion de la Ros told police he wasn’t aiming for the dog but for the lake in the neighborhood and that Princess walked in front of the shot. He has been charged with felony animal abuse.

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