MIAMI (WSVN) - Members of a South Florida family said they’re disappointed after an accused hit-and-run driver who killed a father and son had his bond reduced.

More than 30 loved ones of Jose and Cesar Cepeda left a Miami courtroom upset, Wednesday morning.

They showed up to Earl Lewis’ court hearing in an effort to have the judge keep his original bond of approximately $600,000, but the judge ruled to reduce the bond.

The judge was apologetic but said he ultimately ruled in accordance with the law.

Lewis is not only accused of fatally striking the two victims, but also stealing one of the victim’s vehicles and fleeing the scene.

Family members of Jose Cepedas Luna and Cesar Cepedas made their emotional plea to the judge.

“He fled the scene with my father-in-law’s car. How do we know that the bodies were groaning or screaming for help?” said Jose’s daughter-in-law.

Jose, 57, and Cesar, 34, were struck and killed along State Road 836 on Feb. 9, 2018.

According to the Florida Highway Patrol, Cesar was driving along the highway when he hit a guardrail and ended up in the shoulder lane. Officials said he called his dad for help.

As both men stood in the shoulder lane at around 5 a.m., they were struck by a black Chevy Camaro and died at the scene.

The driver then stole Jose’s vehicle and fled the scene.

Lewis was arrested about a month after the tragedy.

He faces multiple charges, including leaving the scene of a fatal crash, driving without a license and grand theft auto.

Lewis has been in jail for four years awaiting trial, unable to pay bond.

On Wednesday, after a request, the judge presiding over the case reduced the bond from $600,000 to $175,000.

The family left the courtroom devastated.

“He left four little kids without fathers — four little kids, and this is the decision. It’s sad he’s going to go home now,” said a loved one of the Cepedas.

“By you letting him out, you’re saying that their lives were insignificant,” said Jose’s daughter-in-law, “and their lives were not insignificant. Their grandkids and their children don’t know the truth of how they passed away. All they know is that a man stole their car and left them to die. To me, that constitutes murder.”

“We want a trial,” said another family member. “Enough is enough! Four years, no trial.”

Meanwhile, the family wants others affected by hit-and-runs to help them make stricter laws.

“Please join us, let’s make laws. Let’s go take this to [Florida Gov.] Ron DeSantis. We need to unite to stop this disrespect for human life,” said Jose’s daughter-in-law.

If Lewis bonds out, he will be under house arrest with an ankle monitor and will have to surrender his passport.

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