Family and friends of missing firefighters come to terms with their loss

Firefighters have begun to accept the fact that their missing teammates are gone and promise to look after their families.

“There’s no end to what that guy would do if that was me,” said Aaron Miller, Fairfax County Fire Rescue.

The reality has started to hit Justin Walker’s best friend and fellow Fairfax County firefighter, Aaron Miller.

Vic Micolucci, reporter: “Who is Justin Walker to you?”

Aaron Miller, Fairfax County Fire Rescue: “(long pause) He’s the ultimate friend, man. He’s the guy that’s gonna give you his everything. His max effort and then some.”

Walker and Jacksonville firefighter, Brian Mccluney, have not been seen for a week now.

The Coast Guard have called off their search.

Aaron Miller: “We are forever grateful for the efforts that people have put forth. I am blown away.”

Dozens of planes, hundreds of boats and numerous agencies tirelessly searched the ocean from Florida to North Carolina.

Rob Blasetti, Fairfax County Fire Department: “It’s so overwhelming — the information you get — and how big of a scope that this rescue has become.”

Rob Blassetti, another friend of Walker’s said his focus now is on supporting his family.

Vic Micolucci: “How are you gonna make sure they’re okay, because the worst is probably yet to come for them.”

Rob Blasetti: “Sure, and that’s, this is ongoing, this is going to go on of course for many years.”

Ron Kuley, Fairfax County Professional Firefighters: “To make sure that all their needs are met. That’s what’s next. And for all of us to rely on each other.”

Meanwhile, at Jacksonville Fire Station 31, Mccluney’s team is trying to cope with an incredible loss.

Chief Patrick Gouin, Jacksonville Fire Rescue: “We have people here at this station who are having a really hard time with this. There’s a lot of guys here who emotionally invested with Brian.”

The fire service is a family: Two departments forever joined as one, now focused on supporting the loved ones of the missing first responders.

Aaron Miller: “That’s what they deserve so that’s what were going to give them.”


The coast guard recently suspended their search for the missing firefighters.

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