Duo caught on video stealing package from Miami Shores home

MIAMI SHORES, FLA. (WSVN) - A woman and an accomplice were caught on camera taking a package from a Miami Shores home.

A man working in the area took cellphone video after saw two women swiping a package that didn’t belong to them. The witness said he told the woman she was stealing a gift that police said was left outside of a home.

The woman seemed to not care, and that’s when the witness told her that he was going to call the police. “Open the trunk,” the woman yelled to her accomplice.

The thief even tried to cover her license plate, but the man filming just went right up to the vehicle and captured the tag.

“It’s actually very brazen,” said Miami Shores Police Lt. David Golt. “I mean, even after having been confronted, she was determined to get that package. She attempted to conceal her license tag so that he wouldn’t be able to identify her. You would think at that point, once you’re confronted and they know they’re on video, they’re gonna leave, but in this case, that didn’t happen.”

According to officials, the package was a baby’s gift for a woman who is expecting a child.

Additionally, while all of that commotion was taking place in the video police said there were two small children who were in the woman’s car. “We have actually notified the Department of Children and Families,” Golt said.

7News showed the video to Miami Shores neighbors. “Wow, it’s amazing that people would actually do something like that, you know?” said neighbor Guido Varela.

Miami Shores PD were quickly able to bust the pair, who were identified as Marisol Sanchez and Lorely Lafont. “Our detective, along with our patrol officers were able to make an apprehension shortly after the crime,” Golt said.

Officials said the victim got her gift back. They also have a message for those who want to attempt a package theft. “People are watching, people are concerned,” Golt said. “People aren’t gonna tolerate this anymore, any type of theft or behavior like this, and they’re gonna get involved.”

Sanchez and Lafont now face a list of charges including burglary and child neglect, all for a gift that cost about $60.

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