Drivers in the Florida Keys pulled over by the Grinch

MARATHON, FLA. (WSVN) - The Grinch, that notoriously mean Christmas character known to spoil the holidays, actually brought smiles to the faces of Florida Keys drivers, Thursday.

A Monroe County Sheriff’s Deputy dressed up as the infamous monster who stole Christmas, Thursday, and gave drivers who were caught speeding quite a unique gift.

Drivers caught speeding in selected school zones in the Keys were given a choice: an onion or a ticket.


“What we try to make the drivers aware of is that they are in fact in a school zone and that they’re going too fast,” said Colonel Lou Caputo of the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, “and since it’s the holiday season, we try to bring a little humor to it and make it a little light.”

However, not all drivers were lucky to get an onion.

Those traveling at speeds exceeding five miles per hour over the speed limit were likely given a speeding ticket.

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