Driver accused of hitting Javier Perez shows up high to plea deal

MIAMI (WSVN) - The woman accused of driving drunk before running down a South Florida high school principal was ready to take a seven-year plea deal until a setback changed things.

The seven-year plea deal was on the table for 52-year-old Marilyn Aguilera until she tested positive for marijuana, Wednesday.

Defense attorney Ana Davide expressed disappointment in her client’s behavior after the hearing.

“As an attorney, no one would ever advise her to smoke marijuana,” she said. “A, it’s illegal. And B, it’s a violation of her bond, so that was a dumb decision.”

Aguilera went before a judge, alongside her attorney, planning to accept the plea deal for running over South Dade Senior High School principal Javier Perez while he was at his son’s baseball game in West Miami-Dade.

“I was advised by the person who conducted the drug screening that you tested positive for THC,” said the judge in reference to Tetrahydrocannabinol.

Davide said the past year has affected her client. “She’s under a lot of medication,” she said. “Unfortunately, in order to make today go a little bit better for her, she chose to smoke marijuana. It was a terrible decision.”

The judge revoked the deal after Aguilera tested positive for marijuana. The judge then sent her to jail for two weeks.

She was previously on house arrest.

“Now the repercussions are she sits in prison, she sits in the Dade County Jail until we come back to court,” Davide said. “At that time, we hope that the judge will consider it an appropriate sentence and allow her to plead the seven years, and everybody’s life will then move forward.”

7News reached out to Javier Perez, but he declined to comment.

Aguilera will face the judge again on Dec. 11.

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