MIAMI (WSVN) - A much smaller crowd of demonstrators than the one that stopped traffic in Downtown Miami on Friday to protest President-elect Donald Trump’s Election Day victory took to the streets of Wynwood on a busy Saturday night.

It was a modestly sized crowd, but there was nothing small about their message, as they took off from Wynwood Walls and headed toward North Miami Avenue while chanting “not my president” and “we resent the president-elect.”

Protester Farrah Celler, who voted for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, joined at least 30 others to protest the president-elect.

“I have been staying on the sidelines for a long time politically. This has sort of been a tipping point for me,” said Celler. “I’m scared for other people in this country. I’m scared for those vulnerable groups.”

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Miami Police provided a rolling roadblock as marchers made their way across Wynwood. At one point, they even sat in an intersection to stop traffic.

“We want democracy, not hypocrisy,” chanted the marchers.

The protesters met opposition along their route, like Trump supporter Irene Inker. “The fact that those guys are protesting, it’s just ridiculous,” she said, “because it means they are not mentally and psychologically ready to accept the change.”

These steps are a stark contrast to when thousands flooded the streets of Downtown Miami the night before. “Whose street? Our street!” they chanted.

Those demonstrators eventually shutting down the MacArthur Causeway before marching for miles to tie up traffic on Interstate 95.

In Wynwood, Clinton supporter Matthew Pomales said it doesn’t matter how many people showed up, as long as the message is heard. “I think that if we have enough rallies and enough support, somebody’s gonna have to listen. Somebody’s gonna have to help us,” he said.

Police monitored the crowd on foot. However, there were no arrests, and no injuries were reported.

Florida Highway Patrol also advised that the blocking of major roadways is unlawful.

At the end of the protest, organizers announced they plan to hold another march, this time in Fort Lauderdale, Sunday, beginning at 6 p.m

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