Dogs in Fort Lauderdale complex fall ill after owners say they ate poisoned treats

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA. (WSVN) - A South Florida community is on edge after residents said their pets were tricked into eating poisonous treats.

Several pet owners in the Fort Lauderdale community said their emotional support animals have been targeted.

Four dogs, according to their owners, became suspiciously ill. They said they got sick after eating poisoned treats that were left on the ground around the apartment complex.

“It’s despicable. It’s the worst thing I could ever even imagine that anybody could do,” said Gail Morgan, whose dog became sick. “They’re defenseless little animals.”

Two dogs were sick Thursday after their owners said they ate the tainted dog treats in the area off Northeast 33rd Court in Fort Lauderdale.

“There were dog biscuits, wet ones, lined up every two feet along this white perimeter,” said dog owner Erick Hersh. “Also, in that grassy area right there, we found probably another 20 wet dog biscuits.”

The Villa Sorrento apartment complex does not permit dogs unless they are therapy or service animals. The dog owners suspect other residents are so upset with that ruling that they have taken matters into their own hands.

Fort Lauderdale Police are now investigating this case.

Hersh said his dog only took a bite, but that was enough to get him sick.

“I’m walking my dog, he yanks me and I see he goes to grab something, and he takes a little bite of it,” he said. “I’m like, ‘What the heck is this?’ and I look down, and it looked like a chewed up dog biscuit. An hour and a half later, I go back in, and my dog is violently vomiting all over the house, like projectile. So I’m like, something’s not right.”

Morgan said her dog has not eaten since it got sick.

Linda Nadler said her dog was affected as well. “I understand the anger, you’ve voiced it, but by intoxicating and poisoning animals, that’s a whole different can of worms,” she said.

From now on, Hersh said he’ll walk his dog elsewhere. “I would never walk the dog anywhere near this property again because it’s contained to this building,” he said.

If you have any information on who is leaving these biscuits, call Broward County Crime Stoppers at 954-493-TIPS. Remember, you can always remain anonymous, and you may be eligible for a $3,000 reward.

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