Displaced dogs flown to Buffalo in wake of Hurricane Irma

FORT LAUDERDALE-HOLLYWOOD INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, FLA. (WSVN) - A Southwest Airlines flight carrying dogs in the wake of Hurricane Irma are Buffalo bound.

Flight number K-9 took off with the intention of bringing the pups closer to a forever home.

The nearly dozen dogs from Miami-Dade Animal Services were displaced because of Irma and are heading to a shelter in Canada.

“Because of the influx, we needed to move quickly,” said Lorna Mejia-Lopez of Miami-Dade Animal Services.

It just so happened that Southwest Airlines needed to get one of their jets to Buffalo where it would be retired, but it would not fly there empty.

Thirty of the dogs were loaded on the Southwest 737, Thursday.

“Seventeen years, and this is a first, but this is amazing. I jumped at the chance because I love pets,” said flight attendant Nicole Stillisano.

Many of the dogs were surrendered when their families evacuated ahead of the storm.

“They can just expect a lot of baby talk and maybe just a little petting through their kennel,” said Stillisano.

When asked which group makes the best fliers, Stillisano said, “I’m not gonna answer that. I love them all.”

The dogs will be logging in some serious frequent flier miles as they head to their new home.

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