COCONUT GROVE, FLA. (WSVN) - - A City of Miami commissioner said Miami Police Chief Art Acevedo missed a deadline to turn in an action plan laying out steps to improve the department.

In a statement issued Monday night, Commissioner Alex Diaz de la Portilla wrote, “Chief Arthur Acevedo missed his accountability deadline today and reached out to the city manager well after 5 p.m.”

Miami City Manager Arthur Noriega had sent a letter to Acevedo asking for a detailed plan of action covering several topics, including a policing and management plan, an officer morale plan as well as how he plans to repair his relationship with the city’s elected officials.

“There was a letter issued to him, which covered a number of particular initiatives and strategies of which he is to present a plan to me by Monday,” said Noriega.

In his statement, Diaz de la Portilla wrote, “I’m confident that our city manager, Art Noriega, will make the right decision shortly.”

Noriega’s office has yet to confirm whether or not Acevedo missed the deadline.

Speaking with 7News Monday night, Commissioner Manolo Reyes said, “As of tonight, we have not been informed of anything by the city administration.”

The spotlight remains on Acevedo for a second week after he made controversial comments about commissioners interfering with his department’s investigations.

Commissioners called a two-part special meeting last week to discuss Acevedo including, what some called, his “checkered past.”

Some commissioners took offense to a recent memo sent out by Acevedo where he named some commissioners and cited “interference with MPD internal affairs” and “interference with reform efforts and MPD staffing.”

“Stop threatening me,” said Commissioner Joe Carollo. “Come right down and do it himself.”

“Not only a defensive elective up here, we’re defending ourselves,” said Diaz de la Portilla. “There’s also a defense of the men and women that risk their lives every day.”

Commissioner Ken Russell said he is trying to look out for those who call the city home when it pertains to this matter.

“My side is with the residents and the taxpayers, and their money that’s going to be spent on this issue or lost if we get it wrong,” he said. “I can’t take sides with the chief or commissioners in all of these accusations.”

Commissioners also voted to form an investigative panel to look into claims Acevedo made of some city officials. The panel will also review concerns commissioners have about the chief.

“What I am seeing and hearing from this police chief is scary,” said Carollo.

In his statement, De la Portilla’s wrote, “We all know that the City of Miami needs to move forward with a police chief that respects, understands and cares about our community.”

Monday afternoon, 7News received a statement on Acevedo’s behalf that reads, “Unfortunately, I am precluded from responding.”

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