Detectives say baby found floating in ocean off Boynton Beach is likely from Broward

BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. (WSVN) — Investigators believe the infant found dead in the ocean off Boynton Beach was born in a hospital and may have floated north from Broward County.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office revealed the information in a news conference, Thursday.

According to PBSO Capt. Steven Strivelli, Commander of the Special Investigations Division, the baby, nicknamed “Baby June,” may have been as young as 4 to 7 days old, leaving her date of birth somewhere between May 25 and May 28.

He also said investigators believe the baby may have floated up to Boynton Beach from somewhere in Broward County, between six to 18 hours before discovery.

“A lot of our tips right now are Palm Beach County-based,” Strivelli said. “With this new information that maybe the child, unfortunately, floated here from Broward, we want to make sure to encourage the public and Broward to call in any tips that they may have, because right now, we’re only getting Palm Beach County mainly.”

Baby June has also been confirmed to be as non-caucasian and non-asian, the most likely scenario being that the infant was either mixed-race, black or Hispanic.

Detectives also believe Baby June was delivered professionally, such as in a hospital, birthing center or by a midwife.

Authorities came to this conclusion after finding a “heel prick” on the infant, which is a pin-prick puncture made on the heel of a newborn to collect blood that is checked for disorders.

7News has also learned that at least one family in Broward with a newborn baby received a visit from Broward Sheriff’s Office deputies, conducting a welfare check.

It is unknown if deputies plan to check on all families with a newborn baby.

An off-duty firefighter boating in the Boynton Beach inlet found the baby floating in the water, last Friday.

“We actually thought it was a toy doll floating in the water. I noticed pretty quick that it wasn’t a toy or a doll,” said Chris Lemieux, who found Baby June. “I knew it was a crime scene at that point, so we just kind of stayed close.”

While no trauma has been detected on the baby, autopsy results remain pending.

If you have any information on Baby June’s identity, call investigators at 561-688-4155.

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