DeSantis announces annual Florida Python Challenge

THE EVERGLADES, FLA. (WSVN) - Just in time for Super Bowl 54, the Florida Python Challenge is back for a much needed cause.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission along with the Miami Super Bowl Host Committee are teaming up for Python Bowl 2020!

Fans and locals are encouraged to track down and catch these invasive, non-native snakes in an effort to protect the Florida Everglades’ extraordinary ecosystem.

Gov. Ron DeSantis stressed the importance of the annual Python Challenge to South Florida’s vast and varied wildlife.

“We’re doing all this effort to restore the Everglades,” he said, “but these pythons, there’s no natural predator for them, so they really wreak havoc on the wildlife, on the native wildlife, and you’ve seen species get really decimated since these things have been rearing their ugly heads over the last however many decades.”

The Python Challenge kicks off Jan. 10 through Jan. 19.

Only Burmese pythons removed from participating areas will be considered as entries for the contest.

Every pro and rookie snake hunter that turns in a python will be entered into a random drawing for an assortment of prizes, including cash and all-terrain vehicles courtesy of Bass Pro Shops.

Additional prizes are also available for participating veterans and armed service members.

Prizes will be awarded by the Fish and Wildlife Foundation of Florida at the Super Bowl 54 ceremony on Jan. 25.

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