Davie high school student arrested after making threat on messaging app

DAVIE, FLA. (WSVN) - A Davie high school student was arrested after he allegedly made a threat on a gaming messaging app.

Nicholas Jenkins, 15, made an appearance in juvenile court, Thursday.

According to the arrest report, Davie Police were notified of a threat that was posted on Discord, a gaming messaging app, after someone sent in a tip through the Fortify Florida app. State legislators created the app in the wake of the massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in February 2018.

The message read, “I want to shoot up a school. This is a genuine feeling. I want people to suffer. I want to step on and or over their bloodied corpses and hear the squelching of their wounds forcing out that last bit of blood. Then, blow their heads off to make sure they’re dead. I wish to see those I haven’t shot shake in fear and scream and cry at such a heinous act. Then, see the shock on their faces once I’ve shot them too.”

Some parents outside of Nova High School, where Jenkins is enrolled as a student, were shown the message Jenkins allegedly posted.

“Wow,” Kathy Soderman, a parent, said. “It is totally scary, very scary to see, and again, all I can say is that thank goodness that they caught this in time, and that they are dealing with it. They’re being vigilant and keeping everyone safe.”

“Since we don’t have a history of the child’s actions, it’s difficult for us to determine where that’s coming from,” Benjamin Ferguson, a parent, said.

According to the arrest report, Jenkins told detectives that he did not have any intention of carrying out the threat. He also said he was expressing an emotional feeling and wanted people to feel the pain he was feeling.

In court Thursday, a judge ruled that Jenkins will stay behind bars at the Juvenile Detention Center for 21 days.

Jenkins will also have to undergo a psychiatric evaluation.

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