Dash cam records ‘lucky’ driver losing, regaining control on I-95

(WSVN) - A driver on a busy South Florida highway captured a crazy scene on dash cam video.

Iftach Shimonovitc said he was driving south on I-95 in Palm Beach County Tuesday evening when the car in front of him lost control.

That driver was trying to change lanes, but apparently spotted another vehicle at the last minute and swerved to avoid a collision.

Shimonovitc’s dash cam video shows the car fishtailing and crossing several lanes, at one point even facing the opposite direction.

The driver managed to correct the vehicle back into its original lane and continued driving, amazingly avoiding a crash with several other cars.

Shimonovitc posted the dash cam video to his Facebook page, with the caption, “My dash cam caught one lucky guy today.” He later said he counted himself lucky as well.

Friends marveled at the other driver managing to regain control, with one saying it looked like a scene out of one of the “Fast and Furious” movies.

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