CVS shooter explains actions as self-defense to Davie PD

DAVIE, FLA. (WSVN) - New details have been released of a CVS shooting that killed one person, and the shooter who said he had no choice but to fire.

Officials have released more information on the deadly shooting that took place inside the CVS pharmacy, Wednesday afternoon, near Griffin Road and University Drive.

“Mr. Berry was able to separate himself, push Smith away from him, physically push him away,” said Davie Police Capt. Dale Engle. “He’s able to retrieve a gun he has on him, and he fires several rounds, striking Smith. Smith ultimately succumbs to his injuries.”

They said the altercation started over a Craigslist cellphone sale transaction.

Davie Police said the incident originated inside the CVS parking lot and then ended up inside the store.

Thirty-seven-year-old Matthew Berry, police said, opened fire inside the CVS, killing 20-year-old Andre Smith. Berry arrived on scene to purchase a iPhone 7 from Smith, and at some point during the transaction, he told police that he didn’t feel comfortable and fled inside the store and asked an employee to call 911.

According to police, Smith chased Berry inside the store and the altercation escalated.

“Surveillance video clearly shows that Mr. Berry enters the store and that Mr. Smith is right behind him. It looks like Mr. Berry is attempting to get away from Smith,” Engle said. “As he entered the store, he requested the employees at CVS to contact 911.”

Berry, who has a concealed weapons license, pulled out his weapon and then shot at Smith, police said.

“As they arrived, a gentleman came out with his hands behind his head and he hit the ground,” said witness David Rodriguez.

Smith died at the hospital.

No charges have been filed. This incident is still under investigation.

Police said this is a reminder to be careful when purchasing items on Craigslist. Officials said the transaction can be done at a police station.

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