Crocodile drags dog into canal near Southwest Miami-Dade

SOUTHWEST MIAMI-DADE, FLA. (WSVN) - A dog was snatched by a crocodile near a Southwest Miami-Dade canal, and a man was there to record the moment it happened.

Christopher Carey, a personal trainer, said he was working with a client in Gables by the Sea, on Feb. 15, when someone came running toward them yelling for help. The trainer and his client were near a canal along Bella Vista Avenue, when the crocodile made its way onto land and snatched a dog.

Carey quickly pulled out his cellphone and recorded the incident. The graphic video showed the crocodile dragging the dog around in the water.

“So, I basically posted it to let these people know in that area that, if you do not have a seawall, do not let your child or any pets near the water,” said Carey. “The crocs will come out and get it.”

The video was posted to social media shortly afterwards to, according to Carey, make members of the community aware that crocodiles are always around, waiting to prey on small pets and children.

“The fact that they have these aggressive animals that come out of the water and take a full-grown dog, anybody that doesn’t have a seawall needs to be very careful,” Carey said

Resident Sandra Magalhas is having a fence installed around her property, hoping it will prevent the crocodile from getting too close to her home. “We laugh and we make jokes, and I film it, but it’s a major concern,” she said. “I know we are invading their space, but we’re here, and we have kids and we have pets.”

Signs are posted in the area to remind residents of the crocodiles in the water.

The relation of the dog to the person yelling for help has not been confirmed.

The crocodile was not captured.

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