Crews begin to secure crane dangling over Miami buildings

MIAMI (WSVN) - Crews have begun the process of securing a construction crane that was blown over and left dangling after Hurricane Irma.

The dangling crane forced officials to evacuate two buildings located at 479 NE 30th St. and 505 NE 30th St., Tuesday afternoon.

On Wednesday, crews began to secure the crane, but it was no simple task. During the process, one of the weights came off and crashed into the concrete.

“As of this morning, we understand that Plaza Construction, Inc. had their contractors here to address the crane situation,” said City of Miami Fire Rescue Capt. Ignatius Carroll. ‘We know that they were able to secure one side of it that was vertical, and now they’re working on that big piece that’s up there. But now, they have to understand that they have to approach this very delicately because they want to ensure the safety of their workers up there.”

Carroll said Florida Power and Light is also working to restore power to the area. “FPL has also arrived to address the two apartment buildings that had no power as well,” he said.

It is still unknown when the crane will be completely secured and residents will be allowed back into their buildings.

The construction company is expected to reimburse the residents for their nights spent in hotels. Information regarding this will be given to the residents.

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