Court reinstates surgeon’s license during appeal of malpractice claims

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA. (WSVN) - A Florida court has reinstated the license of a doctor accused of malpractice, while he battles accusations of malpractice.

Dr. Osak Omulepu lost his license to practice medicine at this hearing at the Florida Board of Medicine in Fort Lauderdale on April 7. But now, the First District Court of Appeals approved his request to continue to practice while he appeals that decision.

Omulepu wouldn’t talk to 7 News, Tuesday, but his attorney, Monica Rodriguez said, “[Omulepu] is relieved that the court agreed,” and that “he is planning on returning to work in the near future.”

The state filed complaints against Omulepu in four separate cases in 2015. The charges ranged from saying he “repeatedly punctured” organs during liposuction, to accusations that he injected incorrect amounts of fat during a butt lift surgery and used incorrect amounts of local anesthesia.

Nyosha Fowler is one of the patients make such claims and says she’s in shock over the decision. “Devastating. I feel like it’s not fair,” she said.

Fowler spoke to 7News via Skype from Alabama. She said her Brazilian butt-lift procedure was a nightmare.

“He punctured my colon in several different locations, not in just one,” Fowler said. “And then he took that contaminated fat and injected in into my rear end and went too deep and injected it into my sciatic nerve.”

Fowler said she still suffers from the surgery.

“I am now considered legally disabled. I was not able to return to work, I lost my house, my car,” she said.

The Florida Department of Health is also investigating Amber Auckerman’s case. She says Omulepu performed breast augmentation on her naturally uneven breasts last year, leaving them disfigured.

In a statement, Auckerman said the state’s decision is “a big slap in the face to all of us who have been a victim of his botched work.”

Rodriguez did not answer 7News’ questions about where he will be working while his appeal is being considered. However, she did say “Dr. Omulepu cares very much for the health and safety of his patients,” and that “we believe the decision of the board will be overturned on appeal.”

Rodriguez also said the appeal can take up to a year.

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