Coral Springs teen accused of bringing gun to school arrested for violating judge’s order

CORAL SPRINGS, FLA. (WSVN) - A Coral Springs teenager who brought a gun to school has been arrested again after, police said, he violated a judge’s order to not possess a firearm.

Coral Springs Police said Ryan Trollinger posted several photos of himself holding guns and ammunition to his Instagram account last week.

In one of the photos, the 19-year-old could be seen pointing the handguns at the camera. In another photo, Trollinger could be seen wearing a mask with a high-powered assault rifle in both hands.

Students at Coral Springs High School spotted Trollinger on school grounds with a gun in October 2016.

“We said we think there’s someone on campus with a gun,” a student said.

“He lifted up his shirt, and I see the handle of the gun, and I was just in shock,” another student said.

The school resource officer and security guards found Trollinger carrying a loaded 9mm handgun within minutes.

In 2018, police said Trollinger posted pictures online threatening to hurt himself and police.

After the photos surfaced, a judge ruled he could not possess a firearm.

On Friday, a police report showed Trollinger told authorities he grabbed the guns after he accessed his father’s safe. The father then confirmed to police that the pictures were recent and the guns were real.

The 19-year-old was arrested for violating the order and faces a grand theft of a firearm charge.

Trollinger was granted $4,500 bond.

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