Coral Springs church pranks member, gives her new car

MARGATE, FLA. (WSVN) - A Coral Springs church surprised a mother of two with a new car after she thought her 1992 vehicle was being towed.

That South Florida woman was extremely upset that her outdated 1992 Toyota Corolla was being towed but then realized that it was all a prank that would lead to something better.

Church by the Glades in Coral Springs pulled off the ultimate prank on one of its members, Nicole Rollins, who is a very deserving, hard working, single mother of two.

Rollins thought it was just another day at work until she got a call about her car.

Police officers told her that her vehicle was reported stolen and was going to be towed.

“I was just petrified,” Rollins said. “When the car was rolling away all I could think was, ‘I’m sure the registration is in the car and my name is one there, so that should count for something.'”

Members of the Coral Springs church were actually playing a prank Rollins. As her old car was being towed off, a new car was pulled in. The church gifted it to her for the holidays. “Oh, my God,” Rollins screamed in astonishment. “No!”

Her pastor, David Hughes, along with members of the church were there to present the car to her. “Nicole, I heard you were having problems with your car,” Hughes said to her.

Her co-workers and the Broward Sheriff’s Department were both in on the prank that left Rollins crying in awe of this gift. “Oh, God. Thank you, God,” she said. “Thank you, guys, so much.”

“We wanted to just have a little fun with her, prank her a little bit in the front, and then quickly swoop in and bless her,” Hughes said. “I had a microphone and they had cameras everywhere.”

In addition to getting a new car, Rollins was also gifted six months of car insurance, $500 in gas money and a trunk full of Christmas presents for her two children.

“It’s not brand new; it’s a 2014,” Hughes said. “That only makes it 28 years newer than your other car.”

Having a Merry Christmas is one thing, but giving it to someone else? It’s a prayer answered.

“I was in shock,” Rollins said. “I’m still in shock. I’m still a little nervous and excited about it.”

Church by the Glades was able to pull off the ultimate prank because of its Dollar Club Collections. Their pastor inspired members to give one dollar every week, throughout the year, above their normal contributions.

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