SUNRISE, FLA. (WSVN) - A meeting took place following an incident involving a police sergeant who was accused of crossing the line.

The union called the investigation unfair, as the meeting started to heat up after the controversy. 

With the Sunrise Police sergeant being the focus of a criminal investigation, the Head of the Police Union is not happy with how the chief is handling it.

The Head of the union said he’s not passing judgment on the incident itself, but he does feel like the chief already has.

“It’s not about Chief Rosa’s exclusive interview with Channel 7, it’s more about the investigation itself,” said Fraternal Order of Police President Steven Negron.

Negron wants the Chief of Police pulled from a probe into the incident, where Sunrise Police Sgt. Christopher Pullease grabbed a young officer by her throat back in November.

Pullease is seen on bodycam video leaning into a cruiser where a cuffed man, arrested for aggravated battery, is sitting. He appeared to aim pepper spray at the suspect but doesn’t use it.

Just then, a 28-year-old female officer races towards the sergeant, pulls him by the belt away from the car. That’s when the sergeant grabs the officer by the throat and pushes her towards her patrol car.

“I find this behavior to be disgusting. I think the video speaks for itself,” said Sunrise Police Chief Anthony Rosa during an exclusive sit-down interview with 7News.

That did not sit well with the head of the Union.

“He’s, in a way, our only juror,” said Negron. “You have our juror stating that the subject person did certain things inappropriate, disgusting, wrong, and in any trial if you heard that from a juror, you would recuse him immediately.”

In a letter sent to the city manager and commissioners last week, Negron wrote, “We are extremely displeased with Chief Rosa’s unprofessional conduct during this investigation.” Adding the chief “has clearly already made up his mind as to the outcome.”

With Chief Rosa watching from the audience, Negron also claimed the chief spoke about the incident in meetings with other officers. Rosa previously explained he was quashing rumors and misinformation.

“I’m just looking out for all employees involved. Everyone on that video is an FOP member,” said Negron.

Commissioners were not inclined to change the process, however, and the mayor noted that Rosa is also being criticized by some for not acting swiftly enough.

Sunrise Mayor Micheal Ryan said in controversial incidences such as this one, silence is not an option.

“We saw in George Floyd, which was the first time departments around the country, including the Chiefs’ Association here in Broward County, which was one of the leaders, came out strongly to denounce the conduct,” said Ryan. “The investigation wasn’t complete. There was only a video. It was eight minutes long. It was enough to call out what they did, and the community needed to hear that.”

Ryan continues to speak about how the community is suffering.

“Not because we’re in George Floyd’s community, but because our own community is in pain, and I think Chief Rosa was in a terrible position,” said Ryan.

Commissioner Joseph Scuotto responded.

“The fact that was a 911 call came over of a piece of [explicit] beating up somebody, and then this is how it all started. That’s the sad part about this. It got thrown onto this and spun in a way so ridiculous right now, it is like beyond,” said Scuotto.

At the meeting, Assistant Deputy Mayor Mark Douglas took a strong stance towards the sergeant seen grabbing the female officer, saying his actions are clearly wrong and anyone who disagrees, should find another job.

After, Scuotto had used an expletive to refer to the suspect in the original arrest that sparked all of this.

“Don’t tell me to shut up,” he said to Douglas.

“I’m telling you to shut up,” said Douglas, as he slammed the desk.

“What’re you going to do? What’re you going to do? Don’t tell me to shut up,” said Scuotto. “Who do you think you are? A tough guy?”

They quickly took a recess after all of that. Neither the Head of the Union or the police chief wanted to make any further comments.

The internal investigation, as well as criminal investigation, is still ongoing. Pullease remains on administrative leave.

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