MIAMI (WSVN) - More City of Miami residents are receiving assistance to help them through the hardships brought on by the coronavirus pandemic.

Hundreds of residents waited for hours on Tuesday morning at West-End Park, 6030 SW 2nd St., for a chance to receive a $250 Publix gift card.

Martha said she finally got a card after multiple attempts to attain one at other events.

“We went to three of them,” she said, “and never. When we were close, they would say, you know, it was gone.”

The event was set up by the city to provide relief for residents who are facing financial hardship due to the coronavirus.

“It’s been difficult, you know, very difficult during this pandemic time,” said Gladys Jones, who was waiting in line. “Things are not the same as it used to be anymore, but hopefully next year, it will change.”

The distribution was only for those who live within the city limits. Residents had to prove they live there and affirm they have struggled financially during the pandemic.

“Everybody needs a little help now,” said Janet Capatillo who was waiting for a gift card. “There’s people not working, people unemployed, and it’s just hard times.”

The city is doing what it can to meet the needs of those who need it most.

“Miami is not that glamourous, rich place that you see in those advertisements on TV,” admitted Miami Commissioner Manolo Reyes. “We have some of that, but also we have a great need in the City of Miami.”

Reyes was at a different park, in his district, where there was another giveaway.

He said each district was allotted a certain amount of money based on the poverty level there.

Gift cards were distributed on a first-come, first-served basis.

“Very excited,” said Martha. “We’re very happy that we made it.”

“It takes me a long way,” said Jones. “I can buy what I need for me.”

A total of 600 gift cards were handed out, as the event came to a close just after noon.

The event began at 8 a.m. and officials had to close the park to the public, as they reached capacity, but it has since reopened to the public.

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