Car wash employee smashes into Boca Raton gas station

BOCA RATON, FLA. (WSVN) - A car wash employee crashed into a Boca Raton gas station.

The incident left a startling scene at a BP gas station, Friday.

The employee was inside a customer’s vehicle when the crash happened, and police said the worker ran away from the scene.

The employee accidentally hit the gas hitting another sedan and crashing into the gas station store.

“Nothing is destroyed,” said one witness.

Dede Miler said the car belonged to her sister. She watched the crash as it happened.

“Why was he coming out going so fast?” said Miler. “I thought he was just going to dry the car and when she looked, she said the tires just kept spinning and spinning, and it looks like he had his feet on the accelerator, and he didn’t stop.”

Police said one man was hit inside the store and suffered serious injuries.

Others inside the store were surprised more people were not hurt.

“Right where they actually crashed, there’s a cooler with ice there, and I always fill up with ice,” said one witness.

Miller said she’s thankful her sister is OK.

“Thank God that she didn’t get hurt,” said Miler. “I know the other guy, he’s injured. Hopefully he’s OK.”

Although the employee ran from the scene, police said they later found him.

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