Car smashes into Miramar home; homeowner said crashes in area are becoming frequent

MIRAMAR, FLA. (WSVN) - An elderly Miramar couple narrowly avoided serious injuries after a car smashed into their home.

The crash happened at a home along Miramar Parkway and 66th Avenue, at around 2 a.m., Friday.

The impact sent pieces of glass flying into the couple’s bed while they were sleeping.

“My parents were sleeping in that room,” said the couple’s son. “The window glass got into the bed, cut his face. They are 93 and 80 years old.”

“My father is there. He has a cut in the arm, on the face, blood — it’s terrible,” said the couple’s daughter. “It’s all crazy.”

Homeowner Frank Donis said crashes like this latest one are becoming a dangerous trend in the area.

“We’ve been facing a really horrible safety issue in this corner of Miramar Parkway,” said Donis. “In the last month we have had more than 20 accidents, I mean with property damage. Three times my car was impacted by, I guess, drunk drivers. I don’t know, it’s just extremely frustrating, and we live in fear now.”

“This is every week, two or three accidents a week,” the couple’s son said. “They have to change that guardrail. It’s like every week they have to change it.”

Just last week, a similar crash across the street was caught on surveillance camera.

City of Miramar Mayor Wayne Messam on Friday morning met with those who live in the area and promised to take action.

“We’re to the point where we’re going to have to, as a city, just step in and do what we have to do to protect our residents,” he said.

Messam said he’d bring up the issue at the next city commission meeting.

The car has since been towed away from the scene. However, the side of Donis’ home was left with damage.

Police are investigating the crash. They believe high speed is behind the wreck.

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