Camera captures car crashing into business, car accident on same day

HOLLYWOOD, FLA. (WSVN) - Surveillance video was rolling when a car crashed into a Hollywood market, and a when a car accident took place hours later.

The camera first captured a sedan hitting the front of the A-1 Food Market, located at 5595 Pembroke Road, in Hollywood, just before 4 p.m., Thursday.

Video footage inside the store shows items and shelves falling to the ground, just missing a man who was standing in the area moments before.

“It sounded like a bomb,” said store owner Nader Hmeidam. “I was standing by the kitchen. All we heard was a big crash in the store.”

The storefront sustained some damage, but the car did not go into the structure, and it doesn’t appear anyone was injured.

The driver of the car said he accidentally hit the gas instead of the brakes, sending the car into the business.

The car has since been towed away.

Hours later, the same surveillance camera captured footage of a car accident outside the business. A speeding car slammed into a truck turning left onto Pembroke Road.

Witness Lamar Henry said he saw the car run the red light. He said the woman in one of the vehicles was dazed and confused. “She’s bleeding all over her body everywhere and she was non-responsive,” Henry said.

The woman was taken to the hospital while the other driver remained at the scene and spoke to police.

The two crashes left witnesses wondering what happened to cause the situations on the same day in the same area. “We’ve got children,” said witness Mary Hall. “What if somebody would’ve been walking across the road? Two accidents in one day? Come on, that’s ridiculous.

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