NORTH MIAMI, FLA. (WSVN) - A dog that was used as a bait dog for dog fighting has made a full recovery.

After months of care, the canine, named Noah, is free of most of the scars and sores that once covered his body.

Jennifer Merino, Noah’s foster mother, described Noah as loving and goofy, even after all that he’s been through.

Merino said if the dog could talk, she said it would tell her to play with it every day, let it love her and to let it lick her face.

Noah seems to love faces and is drawn to the many who fought to save the canine’s own.

In early February, the poor pooch was found with a third of his face missing, and a tooth from another dog inside one of its wounds.

Bullies N Beyond Rescue pulled the canine from the animal shelter and Noah began treatment at Biscayne Animal Hospital.

Dr. Spencer Goldstein said it was obvious to him that the canine wanted to live.

“Oh, I think it was everything,” Goldstein said. “He never stopped eating. He never stopped wagging his tail. He never showed signs of aggression, and he tolerated the treatment so well. We pursued to continue treating him.”

Multiple surgeries and weeks of sedation followed.

Vacuum therapy, laser therapy and the work of a specialist were called in to close the gaping hole in Noah’s face.

“We do a lot of wounds, and we’ve seen a lot of success stories, but I don’t think any of us even appreciated he would get to this degree,” Dr. Jennifer Biebevski said. “It’s unbelievable. It’s almost like a miracle.”

People near and far have watched the dog’s recovery unfold on Facebook.

Some sent gifts, stopped by for a visit and celebrated his progress.

Maria Gaspari of Bullies N Beyond said Noah is finally able to be a dog and go to dog parks.

“We have no words to describe how happy we are about him,” Gaspari said. “He’s having the time of his life.”

Noah is not quite ready for adoption yet, so for now, the canine will stick by his foster mom.

“It’s so touching,” Merino said. “I’m honored to be a part of it.”

A part of giving the canine the life he deserves, far from abusers and wrapped in love.

“I think he feels safe,” Merino said. “I think he knows he’s not going to be hurt anymore, and that means the world to me.”

After months of treatment, Noah has a new face, a new life and a new purpose: to bring awareness about dog fighting.

Noah is the face of a new campaign launched by Bullies N Beyond.

Bullies-N-Beyond Rescue

Noah’s Facebook Page

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