Businesses close in Homestead for ‘A Day Without Immigrants’

HOMESTEAD, FLA. (WSVN) - Businesses and restaurants in Homestead were unusually empty, Thursday, as hundreds of demonstrators gathered for “A Day Without Immigrants” in hopes of sending President Trump a clear message.

About 200 people gathered in Downtown Homestead, in the early hours of the afternoon, to show their support for the immigrant community.

Some of these demonstrators did so by either not working, closing their businesses or even by keeping their children home from school for “A Day Without Immigrants,” a national movement created in response to the Trump Administration’s crackdown on immigration and threats of deportation.

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According to the group, their goal is to show how crucial immigrants are to the U.S. economy and the nation’s way of life.

“We’re just letting everybody know that we’re here to work. We came here to work hard, not to rob, not to steal. We’re not criminals,” said demonstrator Flor Urrea. “We’re people here who just want to work and get a better life for our kids, our family, and we’re just here trying to send a message to Trump to leave us alone.”

The protesters marched around Homestead and then returned to the steps of Homestead City Hall.

Maria, an undocumented immigrant, said she is worried about her family.

“I’m very scared. Immigration, I am immigrante,” she said. “No working today, no school.”

Maria kept her son William home from school.

“Stop deportation and help families,” William said, “We make the economy, and we go pick up in the fields and bring vegetables to our table.”

Participating restaurants and businesses will get back to business, Friday. Protesters hope they made enough of an economic impact to send a message.

“It’s more to show the power that immigrants and refugees in this country have,” said Amrando Carrada.

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