Burglar caught on camera breaking into cars at UM campus

CORAL GABLES, FLA. (WSVN) - A South Florida man is facing some serious charges after, officials said, he was caught on camera breaking into several vehicles at the University of Miami campus in Coral Gables.

Thirty-nine-year-old Oscar Saavedra-Cortes appeared in court Friday. He is accused of four break-ins that were all captured on surveillance video.

In one incident, he is seen behind a white BMW sedan, Dec. 4. “He pops the trunk. He sees that there’s a backpack in the back of the trunk area, quickly removes it, shuts the trunk and flees the area on foot,” said Coral Gables Officer Kelly Denham. “He tried to blend in, and that’s how he tried to look inconspicuous.”

Police said most of the cars Saavedra-Cortes targeted were unlocked.

Investigators said this was his fourth campus break-in. They said he also stole items inside vehicles back in March and twice in November.

UM Police tracked down Saavedra-Cortes and took him into custody Thursday at an apartment building in Miami.

Denham said the suspect got away with many personal items. “Backpacks, sunglasses, money, wallets, computers,” she said. “He’s hitting what students leave in their vehicles, whether they’re attending classes or in between classes,” she said.

Police took the opportunity to reminder students to always keep their cars locked. “Also, report suspicious people. You saw how he was lingering around,” said Denham. “He looks like he’s the owner of the vehicle. Anybody driving by would think that he’s the owner of that car. He pops the trunk, he grabs the backpack out of the trunk. If you see people lingering, just simply call.”

Saavedra-Cortes is being held without bail.

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