BSO deputy gives car to hard-working Dania Beach man

DANIA BEACH, FLA. (WSVN) - A South Florida community is making sure a special car is ready to roll for someone in need. A Broward Sheriff’s Office deputy gave the vehicle to a man who was desperate for new wheels.

Dania Beach resident Charles Hilliard will be receiving the car all thanks to a caring community.

Ken Schliessman, the owner of Ken’s Automotive is part of that community. He is donating his services to fix up the car. “Cars come in and cars are broken,” he said, “and they want the car back and go on with their lives. He is really gonna be thrilled that he can get in the car and go to work in the morning and be there in two minutes and not wait for a bus for a half an hour.”

Hilliard is a happy person and a man of faith. He also a survivor of throat cancer.

Broward Sheriff’s Office Deputy Marilyn Doster is a horse owner who buys feed from the store Hilliard works at, Finish Line Feed Inc.

“Every time I see him work, he’s running circles around guys who are half his age,” Doster said. “I’m just always impressed with him. He told me he was on some hard times, and he’d been involved in a car accident, and he doesn’t have transportation.”

In September, Doster offered Hilliard a 2004 Acura that she owns but barely uses. That’s when Doster’s colleagues took it all a step further and raised $700. “It paid for the car to be cleaned, and it paid to get a tag and title,” said BSO deputy Joy Oglesby.

After a few weeks at Ken’s Automotive, it was time to hand over the keys to Hilliard, Tuesday. He was deeply moved and began to tear up. “I don’t know what to say, but thank you,” he said.

The repair shop put in seven hours for free to make sure the car was in good shape, and now Hilliard has his own car.

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