COOPER CITY, FLA. (WSVN) - Broward Sheriff’s Office deputies have captured a bull found roaming through a Cooper City neighborhood.

BSO deputies could be seen searching for the animal on Embassy Drive and Southeast Lake Boulevard at around 11:15 p.m., Tuesday.

Cellphone video showed the bull walking down North Saratoga Drive in the Trellises neighborhood, just off Embassy Drive.

“Everyone pretty much, like my dad’s age to kids younger than me, all videoing, and they were laughing,” said resident Dante Echeverry. “It was just a trip. It was pretty funny seeing– you know, it’s like seeing a unicorn. You don’t see stuff like that walking around.”

He said he and his family thought it was a cow.

“Sure enough, it was a freaking bull running around,” he said, “and I’m like, ‘This can’t be,’ because the nearest ranch or anything is miles from here.”

“The whole neighborhood was texting each other,” said Maureen Liguori. “Everything was blocked off. They had the lights flashing, so it was a good alert.”

A Ring doorbell camera captured the animal walking near a home in the area at around 4 a.m., Tuesday.

“We were probably watching it for like an hour,” said Echeverry.

BSO deployed a helicopter and several deputies to help locate the bull. Deputies said an animal handler was also in the area to help them capture the bull.

“It was pretty crazy,” said Echeverry. “Probably the craziest thing I’ve seen in this neighborhood.”

“Wasn’t there, like, a kangaroo in Fort Lauderdale just last week? I think it’s 2020,” resident Kate Gillespie said.

Back in July, police had no problem capturing a pet kangaroo that hopped around Fort Lauderdale.

Handling a bull was a whole different matter.

“One cop was yelling at it, trying to get it to go away, and then the other cop is, like, trying to lasso it or whatever,” Echeverry said.

“He actually pooped in my friend’s yard, in her driveway,” Gillespie said.

At least the kangaroo didn’t do that.

No injuries were reported.

It remains unknown who the bull’s owner is or where the bull came from.

Residents of the neighborhood were advised to remain in their homes while deputies searched for the animal.

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