DANIA BEACH, FLA. (WSVN) - Two women are accused of ambushing and beating up a student outside of Olsen Middle School in Dania Beach after classes in a fight documented on cellphone video that has since gone viral, and now the 11-year-old victim’s daughter is demanding action.

The child’s mother, who has viewed the video, said her daughter is a sixth grader at the school. She said she was told one of the attackers was a student, and she would like that student to be expelled.

According to the Broward Sheriff’s Office, the beatdown happened after school on Tuesday, just after 3:10 p.m.

The victim is seen attempting to walk away when the younger attacker, described by investigators as a teenager, grabbed her by the hair until she fell down. The victim is pulled so hard, she’s dragged across the sidewalk.

An older woman and the younger attacker are then seen hitting and kicking the middle schooler, who weighs about 110 pounds, as she lies on the ground.

Moments later, the older woman, seen wearing a red T-shirt and black shorts, grabbed the victim by the hair and punched her in the face and upper body.

The two attackers are seen pulling the victim closer to a sidewalk before they continue hitting her.

“It’s horrible. She didn’t need to be persecuted for that. That’s somebody’s child,” said a man.

A student said he knows the girl who was attacked.

“I heard about it just today. My friend showed [the video] to me,” he said.

The student, however, doesn’t know how or why the altercation started.

“They start fighting; the parents get involved instead of finding out what happened or who they have to contact to stop it,” said parent Eva Cuello, “and people are so anxious and crazy and aggressive.”

The video shows a person who tries to intervene, yelling repeatedly, “That’s a child,” while trying to pull the teenager off the victim.

“They should know better, they hit her or they don’t,” said the man. “You should know better not to put your hands on a child; you have a child of your own.”

“[The older woman] should have never gotten involved other than to contact somebody from the school, an authority that would try to find out what happened and how to stop that,” said Cuello.

Following the attack, the child’s mother described her daughter as a soldier, because the 11-year-old wanted to come back to school.

Broward Sheriff’s Office investigators said they are not sure if there is any relationship between the two attackers.

Detectives said BSO’s Special Victims Unit continues to investigate the incident.

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