FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA. (WSVN) - It’s time for trial for a former Hollywood Police officer accused of getting too rough during an arrest.

The trial for Matthew Barbieri began Friday afternoon.

The trial is not expected to be a long one.

Barbieri is being charged with misdemeanor battery for striking a handcuffed man back in August of 2019.

Attorneys for both the state and the defense made their opening statements.

“The defendant yanks him to his feet, pulls him towards him and strikes him in the face,” said a state prosecutor. “That wasn’t enough for the defendant. He strikes [the man] a second time on the same side of the face, boxing the ear.”

“Mr. Barbieri’s actions and use of force were completely justified. They were justified because Mr. Schachner Jr. was acting out of control,” said the defense attorney. “He was erratic, he was violent, leading up to and during the use of force, and he was in the process of committing multiple felonies.”

Before the arrest, police were called to the home by family members of Raymond Schachner. His father told a 911 operator his son was on drugs and out of control.

Security cameras inside the home captured the rough arrest.

Schachner, who was 32 at the time of the arrest, said the use of force was out of line.

“He grabbed me by my arm, and he didn’t slap me, the dude straight up took his fist, and you know, pounded me in the head a couple of times,” Schachner said.

Barbieri’s attorney said his client was doing what was necessary under the circumstances.

“The use of force that he used was the safest way to possibly control the situation,” said the attorney.

Schachner is expected to testify at some point next week, as well as Barbieri.

If Barbieri is convicted, he faces up to a year behind bars.

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