COOPER CITY, FLA. (WSVN) - A troubling social media trend has made its way to South Florida, where students are damaging school property for TikTok attention.

The restroom rampage is coming with a hefty price, and it’s already happened at several South Florida schools. Broward County is no exception, as significant damage has been done in Cooper City High School.

“It’s honestly a very disgusting and unnerving type of thing, in my opinion,” said student Nahil Menon.

Cooper City High School students are reacting to a troubling new trend on social media, a challenge on TikTok where users vandalize school property, take pictures and post them.

“Not only are these challenges disturbing, but they are asking for our youths to participate in criminal and possible life-changing events,” said Broward Schools Superintendent Vickie Cartwright.

In Cooper City, someone ripped a urinal off the wall.

“I saw the damage, and I saw, like, the water leaking out,” Menon said.

A bathroom was also damaged at Miami Beach High.

The chief of police for the school district said it’s one of six schools that have been hit.

“We’re continuously working aggressively to interview students, scour social media, and talk to students, really, at the ground level to get a better understanding of the TikTok challenge,” said M-DCPS Police Chief Edwin Lopez.

TikTok has blocked the hashtag and is banning users who post videos.

School districts are taking it a step further. Destruction of school property is a crime, and students could face charges.

“We use arrest as a last resort, but it is a crime to vandalize the school bathroom,” Lopez said. “And ultimately, we’re investigating those cases actively.”

Paying for the damages left behind could fall on parents.

“When a student is identified in either of these acts, costs related to the destruction or theft will be given to the parents, guardians or caregivers for full reimbursement to the district for all related damages,” Cartwright said.

Parents and guardians are advised to talk to their children about the TikTok challenge because the damage being done to the bathrooms can result in criminal charges being filed against them.

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