Real estate associate arrested, charged with grand theft

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA. (WSVN) - The arrest was quick. Hollywood Police putting handcuffs on 36-year old Mohamed Donald, also known as Sham Donald. The charge: grand theft.

He’s accused of taking deposits from clients and keeping the money for himself.

Leisa Williams, 7News producer: “Sham, people say you were taking money and not following through, not giving them money back when they asked for it. What do you have to say?”

No comment from Donald, who was immediately taken to the Hollywood Police Department.

Hollywood Police Detective Carl LeBlanc: “This morning, we arrested Mohamed Donald for one count of grand theft. The investigation is ongoing, and I really can’t comment further.”

The arrest report shows Donald is accused of taking and keeping more than $6,000 in deposit money from a client named Jehad Saleh for a rental home in Pembroke Pines.

Last week, three people stepped forward with similar claims.

Emily Zlicha, Desiree Hunter and Ron Flores told 7News that Sham and an associate showed them homes through their company, First Luxury Realty, taking thousands of dollars in deposit money but never delivering the homes.

Ron Flores: “This was just an initial deposit. Once I gave them the money the phone calls stopped.”

After our story aired, another viewer told us that Sham had showed her homes — telling her he was a Remax agent and using the name Donald Deen.

We found him at this Hollywood address.

7News producer: “Mr. Donald, can we talk to you?”

He refused to talk to us. But Remax told us in an e-mail that the company didn’t have anyone by that name listed as a sales associate, nor were they aware of a Remax franchise at that location.

Ariel Zlicha: “It’s shocking. I thought for sure he would get out of the area, at least stop doing it in the same area.”

Before the arrest — Emily and her husband Ariel had a meeting with the Hollywood Police Department to discuss their case.

Emily Zlicha: “I gave the detective a bunch of different paperwork and information that we had, including the lease that we had signed a lot of different documents.”

They said Sham Donald and his associate took their money, and they want him charged.

Ariel Zlicha: “I just want them to be brought to justice.”

Emily Zlicha: “I can’t wait to see them in court.”

Our investigation also showed that Sham Donald’s real estate sales associates license is currently inactive.

State officials said he’s on probation because of a complaint filed against him in 2015 for failing to return an escrow deposit.

He appeared in front of a judge, Thursday morning, where Donald’s attorney posted a $1,000 bond. Donald is expected to be released after his bail was posted.

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