DEERFIELD BEACH, FLA. (WSVN) - South Florida deputies have built a cozy kennel for lost cats and dogs.

Broward Sheriff’s Office deputies picked up extra duty to help people reunite with their lost pets, leading to dozens of tearful reunions.

A beautiful blue-eyed dog, apparently a husky, was found roaming the streets of Deerfield Beach.

The male canine was thin, with his bones appearing through his coat.

BSO deputies brought him to their safe haven, the Deerfield Beach Kennel.

“They cannot talk. The animals themselves cannot talk, so we’re their voice, and if we can reunite them with their families, that is a win for all of us,” said BSO Lt. Brian Montgomery.

A group of deputies decided something had to be done in the city to help the lost animals.

“We had this idea that, ‘Hey, we want to convert the shell into a kennel,’ so we were able to get donated supplies, and then the deputies and civilians in Deerfield Beach built this,” said Montgomery. “When a dog or cat is lost, we have microchip readers, and we exhaust all efforts through social media, door to door, out there in the neighborhoods where the dog was found, and we reunite your four-legged friend back to the family.”

More than 70 dogs and cats have been reunited.

Animals that have not been picked up stay at the kennel and do not go to local kill shelters.

At the kennel, deputies are able to walk the dogs and feed them. The extra duty has become an emotional support for many.

If no one has claims the dog, it will go up for adoption, as the city sends out a social media blast.

More than 50 dogs have already been adopted since the start of the program, including Dixie.

Dixie still remembers the kind humans in green uniforms that saved her.

She was also found on the streets of Deerfield Beach and was ultimately adopted by the Dixie’s Divers Dive shop family.

“She’s definitely brought joy and calmness in what can sometimes be hectic here,” said Brett Salsamendi.

Dixie is a good girl that now lives a good life, thanks to the men and women in Deerfield Beach who have taken on an extra time-consuming, selfless job to help the most vulnerable.

“I can’t imagine this store without her. I can’t imagine her out in the streets,” said Salsamendi. “She’s too sweet of a dog. I don’t think she would do very well. I mean, she’s a blessing.”

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